miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

Qué será Ameba Pico

Aparentemente la bloguera de la entrada del siguiente blog:

escribe, entre otros asuntos, sobre sus experiencias en un juego llamado "Ameba Pico".

Cito algunas partes:
... I always loose that and and I can't really understand the rules-regarding that I didn't read the rules, cuz I don't really do that :P...

...My friends became interested with this game as well and play with me too. I wanted to become a Grand Master and to be called as GM that's why I always stay in the Reversi place. [...] Jusun and became friends. They were my good friends at reversi. They help me play the game and become better, specially fuzamo-who were famous in Reversi-indo that time...

...I used to help new people who doesn't know reversi and one of them are Eunice [...] at Reversi and became friends.

Y aquí un vídeo:

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