jueves, 4 de agosto de 2011

El blog de Connie

Connie tiene un blog y Suekuni es su colega, tal como nos cuenta en la siguiente entrada:


...Yesterday someone in the office challenged Suekuni san to Othello during lunch and “died” terribly...

...Some of us propose to challenge him next week if he have the time. He will “kill” us all easily i guess but just for the fun and to learn how he play the game so well...

...He say the important thing is to keep your interest and passion going and always have that flexibility to be able to adapt to changes...
Y continúa la historia con otra entrada:


Woohoo! You guys must be wondering how did the game went? Wahahahah! It was detrimental!


After “killing me” my next 2 colleagues went on to play with Suekuni san and had the same results! There was no way! He even explained to us after the game on how we could actually get back in the middle of it by showing us the steps. He retraced all the steps to the part when we went wrong and showed us from there, turning the game to our advantage. Wow it was amazing on how he could remember each step and was able to retrace them. [...]

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